It’s not as easy as you think, but neither is it overly complicated. Truth is, Interior Designing is a fulfilling industry – especially when you see your work come to life.

The problem lies in the shortage of good talents with great heart and flair. I.D agencies are finding it difficult to find fresh graduates that are already equipped to meet the demands of the industry.

We at Mobius Academy do not just empower you with education and tools to hit the ground running (read: presentation skills, approach in thinking etc), we also encourage students to boldly access, assess and nurture their natural flair and creativity.

Have your skills honed by working and active industry professionals, familiar to the requirements of real-life settings. We teach students from first-hand experiences on the field – all in effort to create well-rounded creative designers that will go high and far in their career.


  • Myron Liu

    Mobius Designer & Trainer

  • Jeffrey Tan

    Mobius Designer & Trainer

  • Samuel Soh

    Mobius Designer & Trainer