Diploma in Interior Design

Guided by experienced lecturers to push their creativity to the next level, students can explore their potential with a step-by-step guide and become a professional interior designer.

Construction & Materials Knowledge

All relevant construction knowledge such as building materials and their usage, incorporate practicality into a design will be taught in this segment.

3D Visualize Drawings & 2D Technical Drawings

Students will be able to learn to use two major digital drawing software for interior design: 3D Studio Max and 2D Auto learn the techniques of 3D drawing and technical drawing. This is where students can create their artwork.

On Site Learning & Safety Knowledge

Through a visitation to the construction site and practical learning, students will be able to get the real feeling of working in the industry and learn every single knowledge (both execution and safety) shared by the experts.

Mentality Diathesis Improvement

There are plenty of skills an interior designer will need to learn in order to be successful including marketing and communication skills. This will help students to improve their self-esteem and be expressive.